Surfing the internet i found a great website, it is called MobileFun, and it offers a wide range of items for mobiles. Accessories, new parts, SIM, ringtones, games and more, it doesn´t matter what you are looking for, whatever it is you´ll find it here (And at a low price). If we add that deliveries are quite fast and the service is secure then we can´t ask for more.

Personally i love the things aviable on the website, thanks to MobileFun i could find an accessory for my sony ericsson which wasn´t in any of the shops in my town. And if you are lucky enough to have an iphone then you´ll love the iphone accessories, like the iphone case , the iphone dock or the iphone charging pack. As diversion is important they offer a lot of different items listed by brands and manufacturers.

It also has some other interesting services like the support forum or the possibility of selling your old mobile, don´t let it in a drawer when you could get some money selling it to MobileFun!

As i am a gamer i also like things for my Wii or for other platforms, i hate when i am in the middle of a Smash Bros battle and i have to stop it to look for new batteries, MobileFun had the solution for my problem, Wii charges, it was the first time i saw them and i have to say they´re awesome, nothing stops my battles now!

Gaming Section

What is also great is that you can pay in many different ways, do you prefer to use your bank account? or you don´t trust this kind of things and prefer paypal? No problem with that!

Did i mention that they have electronics and things for Ipods? C´mon, stop reading this

and check it out by yourself!

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